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What are your submission guidelines?
You can view them in our terms and conditions here

What's the difference between a Gold listing and a free one?
Gold listings get their own profile page - you can link out to up to 10 inner pages on your site from there. The listing also comes with review notes too.You also get your site featured on our home page for 2 to 4 weeks, with a single outbound URL to your website. Free listings do not feature on the home page, nor do they have a profile page, and they must link to our directory.

How long before my Gold listing goes live?
Reviews are conducted as soon as we receive them, but they may take up to 12-24 hours at busier periods. You will be notified by email as to the result of our review, and a link to your listing if it has been selected for inclusion.

Will I be notified if my free listing is rejected?
YES. We will not notify you by email if we do not include your free listing. We will also notify Gold members if their listing is not included (and if it is!).

What if my site is rejected? Can I get a refund if I've paid for a Gold listing?
Yes. We will refund you if your site is rejected (different to most other directories). But it's strongly advised you follow our submission guidelines so you don't waste your time.

What if my site domain name expires, or I sell my site to someone who uses the domain name for something other than the niche this directory supports?
Simple: the site is removed from our directory (we check often to ensure all of our sites remain relevant to our directory).

On Gold listings, I get my own page and I can have 10 outbound links on this page - can I link to websites OTHER than the website I am listing?
NO. You can only link out to pages that exist on the website you are listing, NOT other sites.

What are the SEO benefits of your directory?
We are a strict human-review directory in a specific niche. We reject quite a number of sites that have non-unique content, sell affiliate products, or are simply "made for Adsense" sites - this in turn has given our directory a good reputation over time, and your site (if listed) will benefit from this. Gold listings will also feature on the home page for some time (before they are naturally moved off) - normally 2 to 4 weeks.

My site has ads on it - is that a problem?
Not at all. It's fine having ads on your site (it's a good income for many) - but the purpose of your site must not be solely to display ads - there must be a real business behind the website other than selling ads

I've copy/pasted some text from other sites I own to a few pages on my site - is that a problem?
Let's say your site consists of 50 pages, and you've got some duplicate content on a couple of pages - that's not a problem for us if the rest of your site has unique content. However, it's down to our discretion as to whether your site will be included or not - it's best if you make sure your site has unique content on all pages - it's better for your site anyway in terms of search engine optimization if your site consists of unique content.

Is it safe to submit my site to directories post-Penguin?
It's not advisable to mass-submit your site to cheap "cookie cutter" general web directories - many of these have no editorial process (or have a very poor one) and list tens of thousands of links to all kinds of low quality sites - prime targets for Google to not include in their index. Not that your site would get punished simply for being listed in such a directory, just it's a waste of your time and money to submit to such low quality directories. However, quality niche directories with a strict editorial process are a safe bet. We win a lot of natural links to our niche directory because of its quality, and Google regularly visit our site and reward us a with 100% indexing rate of all of our pages. More information here on how quality, niche directories are a safe bet. (c)2009 - 2022